Reveling in the Present

Something that I keep finding myself drawn to is the power of gratitude. When I’m in my lowest moments, I scoff at the articles, videos, and talks about gratitude, the way it changes lives. In my frustration, it feels too simple to actually shift my mindset. It feels too easy that it must be a fraud.

And slowly, with dragging feet, I start 10 days of gratitude. I write or think three things I’m grateful for before I fall asleep. And every time, after those 10 days, I find those low moments don’t feel as heavy. I am reminded I can move through anything that comes my way. Even in my lowest moments, I start to feel…gratitude.

No matter what we may be experiencing, I believe we have something to revel in.

I don’t know who said it, but a quote I think about often talks about how if we stepped outside of our routine, our habits, our distractions for moment, and went into a grocery store with the lens of gratitude, we would freak out at the beauty. We would be dumbfounded from the abundance of produce, the colors, the smells. We would be like a child running through tall grass.

There’s gratitude, but then there’s reveling and that’s where I want to be; romanticizing the mundane to truly appreciate the shifts and lessons I may find.

Revealing the Potential

When we take time to revel in the experience, we don’t find the reveal quite so loud. We move through life knowing every one is a mirror and every experience is a portal. Everything is an offering to move closer to our Truth, whatever that truth may be.

To revel in our daily lives naturally leads us to revealing the truth of who we are. When you go towards your joy, your abundance, your passion, you will always find deeper ways to connect with yourself and with your environment. You will always reveal more and more until you haave no choice but to be your authentic self.

The lessons may scare you. They may hurt. You may have to sit in the shower crying your heart out because the lesson shatters a pattern that kept you safe for so long. But it isn’t you.

But, the more you reveal, I promise the easier it will be.

Becoming water, glistening in the beauty of life and moving through the lessons with ease and strength. You move with the ebbs in life. You don’t have to fight the currents anymore.

What You May Find

What I hope for those entering this community, is a reclamation of your experience. To find the ritual of deep romance with your life and a curiosity of the lessons you may find within it.

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