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Building Authentic Community with Eli Vazquez

Building Authentic Community with Eli Vazquez

Speaking Your Truth to Find Your People

This month, I couldn’t think of a better person to talk about community than Eli Vazquez.

Filmmaker, Writer, Speaker, and Coach, Eli focuses on normalizing personal development and mental health for BIPOC communities. And it shows in his work. In everything Eli does, his authentic voice sounds clear. If you’ve ever gotten the chance to speak to Eli, you know what he’s about. You know what he cares about, what he strives for, what he hopes for. He always shows up.

And I hope you receive that through our conversation; the power of owning your voice to discovering your community. How might you show up differently if you knew your community was on the other side of your truth?

Be sure to follow Eli and check out his 8 week personal wellness bootcamp.

Watch the trailer for Bodies Will Tumble and Roll.

Watch the trailer for Quince Til Infinity.

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